August 11th Update

Wyatt is holding steady right now.  They have begun to introduce food or rather force feed him at this point.  After 20 days with nothing in his stomach the medical experts (I use that term loosely.) decided he needed to be at normal intake for a baby his size in 3 days.  Needless to say, … More August 11th Update

August 5th Update

What a great day!  Wyatt was taken off the ventilator today and he is breathing on his own for the first time. He was so peaceful and happy once they took the tube out.  He still has one tiny tube in his throat that they use to suction goo out so he doesn’t have to … More August 5th Update

August 5th Update

No big news today.  Wyatt had a pretty uneventful day.  He is very frustrated by the ventilator tube in his throat.  We were hoping they would remove it today but they decided to give him another day or two.  He is breathing room air now so the ventilator is only in place to help his … More August 5th Update

August 3rd Update

Wyatt had a really rocky night last night.  Due to some unfortunate choices made by the hospital staff he ended up over stimulated.  So I spent a large portion of the night at his bedside.  Which is why there was no blog update.  Clarity of thought at 4:30 am just wasn’t happening.  Today has been … More August 3rd Update

August 1st Update

So sorry for the missed blog yesterday. The need to sleep won out over the ability to think and type. Wyatt had a good day yesterday. He was stable and they were reducing his sedation medication. Exciting because it is movement toward recovery, frightening because it puts us back in the zone where the seizure … More August 1st Update