FOUR! How did we get here?

I feel like I blinked and Wy went from a newborn to a four year old. Where in the world did all the time go. He is such an active, exuberant, fun loving little man! I can scarcely believe he is the same baby who looked so fragile in the beginning. He is ALL BOY ALL THE TIME!

This past spring he had mono which is unusual at his age. The docs actually overlooked it for quite sometime as it really is so very rare in a little one. By the time we found it his spleen was extremely swollen trying to battle the infection. They did regular ultrasounds of his abdomen to monitor it and his other organs. It was stressful to try and keep this little go-bot calm and settled 24/7. So much so, that I missed the insane gift that came my way. It wasn’t until the third visit that the Pediatric Radiologists words actually caught my attention. When Wy’s hernia repair was done they anchored his diaphragm to the ribs on the left side. That should mean that during an inhale it wouldn’t actually move much on that side but would fully retract on the unanchored side. She remarked repeatedly that she was stunned because his diaphragm had full range of motion on both the left and the right side. She said that if she wasn’t looking at his abdominal scar she wouldn’t believe there had ever been anything broken or repaired. He is completely healed!! What in the world?!? When if finally soaked in I asked to actually see the screen as she did the ultrasound. I literally got to see with my very own eyes what a full on miracle looks like. I knew he survived and that we felt God’s presence in the entire journey but to hear the words “completely healed” repeatedly from a third party who didn’t know any of his story left me speechless. (At least for a moment or two…). Parents of children born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernias live with the constant knowledge that reherniation can occur at any time and with no apparent cause. That is a pretty huge shoe to leave hanging in the air to drop without warning. I realize that this ultrasound doesn’t guarantee he will never face that experience but it sure does reduce the probability and lets this mama breathe a little easier. So grateful for a heavenly father who gives the very best gifts. I tell Wy’s sister, Macy that she is the very best gift I ever asked for and received and I tell Wy he is the best gift I never knew I wanted.

Wy adores his sitters (Abby, Ray Ray, Brittney, Liz and Paula), he believes his sister’s girlfriends exist solely for his entertainment, and he has strong godly boys who invest in him like crazy. He is surrounded by so many people who love and encourage him. I wonder if he will ever really know how rich his childhood has been and if he does, how will that impact the man God made him to be?





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