Time Flies…

So clearly I’m not a blogger at heart as this poor project has been left unattended for almost two years.  However, I did think it was time for a quick update and glimpse of Wyatt at the age of 21 months.  He is all boy when it comes to throwing balls, swinging sticks, and climbing walls  I seriously have no idea how we will make it to the age of five without a broken bone of some sort.  He has no fear when it comes to physical activities.

Wyatt has been diagnosed with verbal apraxia and sees a speech therapist on a weekly basis.  She is hopeful that he will speak at least to some degree by the time he is three…in the meantime we are all learning ASL (American Sign Language).  It is remarkable to see how quickly he has picked it up and how well he can communicate with the signs.  His neurologist told us about this great series called “Signing Time” and it has been a huge gift.  I was able to check out the first 13 videos from our local library.  Once those are mastered we’ll look into buying the second set.  Some of the videos can be found on youtube if you are curious to see them or if you just want to be able to sign with Wyatt at some point.

Next week we will be starting Occupational Therapy appointment to help him with his Sensory Processing Disorder.  They use a technique called “brushing” and he has to be on  a “sensory diet” which essentially means that we have to consistently make sure he works or plays hard (pushing, pulling, climbing, jumping, etc) for 5-10 minutes each hour.  It will help him regulate sensations and adapt more quickly to variances in his environment.  I am still learning about all of this.  If you want to learn more too the neurologist and his therapist said that a great resource for information is www.sensory-processing-disorder.com

Wyatt loves animals and toys but his favorite thing to do is play with his big buddies Cooper and Zac.  I’m so very grateful that he has the gift of these boys to set a great example for him as he grows up.

With the exception of the minor life adaptations above Wyatt is a healthy happy boy who is a joy to be around.  I look back at the pictures from our days in the NICU and then look at him now and I can hardly believe how far he has come.  He is my daily reminder that nothing is impossible and HOPE has no bounds.



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