Home Sweet Home

WOW! I can’t believe how quickly the last week and a half have flown by.  I meant to update this long before now but it’s been a bit of a whirlwind.  On the 21st they told us we could take Wyatt home the next day.  So we went to work checking off the list of requirements that had to be completed for that to happen.  Follow up appointments, oxygen monitoring on the carseat, video’s about shaken baby syndrome and more.  FINALLY on the 22nd of August – one month after his arrival we carried our sweet boy out of the hospital.  He still wasn’t eating enough so he left with an “NG” tube running into his nose and down to his belly.  I had to be trained on how to put this back in place as he liked to remove it frequently.  Let’s just say it isn’t a fun process for anyone involved.  After two days at home and some gentle coaxing he began to use the bottle which allowed the tube to be removed.  (intentionally this time) Two or three days later Wyatt began to throw up everytime I fed him.  After 24 hours we headed back to the hospital for xrays and ultrasounds.  Thankfully all came back clean and the doctors said he had reflux which can be treated by positioning him upright for eating and after eating and giving antacids.  So far that has worked beautifully.  We go back to the pediatrician in the morning for a “weigh in”.  Hopefully he will have put on some weight.  Friday we will visit the pediatric surgeons and next week we see neurology about the seizures.  Otherwise our life is starting to resemble “normal”. 

We have been so blessed by the community surrounding us.  Thanks to everyone who cared for Macy, our dogs, filled our tummies, cried beside us, laughed with us, prayed for us and joined us on this journey every step of the way.  We have seen so many miracles and blessings I can’t even begin to account for them all.  If someone wants to see evidence of a mighty and loving God who works still today send them to me – they can hold my boy.


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