August 17th update

Day 27-

Dawn is exhausted so i volunteered to update, which means there wont be as much detail or medical terms.

Wyatt is improving daily. We have gotten to do some awesome stuff the last few days like hold him, carry him to and from the nursing room, and let big sister hold him. Macy even changed a diaper after adamantly stating for months that she would never do that. She even says she will try to change a poopy diaper at some point.

Wyatt has lost a little weight over the last couple of days and there has been a lot of inconsistency with the staff as to approach to feeding. Dawn has to be here most of the time in order to either nurse Wyatt or to be an advocate for him. She has spent the last couple of nights here with little to no sleep. Macy and I are hanging out most of the day at the hospital and getting home around 11pm.

We have had many visitors that really help break up the day and Macy has had a few play dates to give her some time away and we want to thank everyone for that. I got to attend my Lifegroup last night for the first time in a month because they came to the hospital. It was a unique experience having lifegroup in the ICU waiting room.

We can’t express enough thanks for all the friends and family that make the trek here and ride the shuttle to come see us. Thanks also for all the food, gift cards and for loving on Macy. Special thanks to Tommy J for mowing my grass 🙂 – we havent seen the house during daylight hours for a month – our dogs and guinea pig think they have been abandoned 🙂


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