August 14th Update

Wyatt rocked the nursery today with his battle cry.  He was so persistently loud that the nurse actually came and found me which has never happened before.  Usually I’m begging to be with him and they are kicking or locking me out.  She said my “presence was being requested”.  I think they found his volume a bit annoying but I LOVE that his lungs are that strong after all he has been through.  It’s a sound we have waited weeks to hear and if you ask me it was a joyful noise.  During our snuggle time I told him to keep yelling…maybe if he bugs them enough they will send him home. 😉

They have raised the volume of his feed and by 3am tomorrow he will be at the limit required for him to leave the hospital.  I thought he was at it before but apparently they changed their mind.  SO, now that he will be at the “goal intake level”.  All we have to do is get him to take it via nursing and or bottle so they will remove the feeding tube.

They lowered his pain medication again today.  We started at a 10 and now we are at 1.  Each day they score him based on withdrawal symptoms (sneezing, vomiting, fever, tremors, etc…).  Each symptom he shows earns him a point.  If he accrues less than 8 points then they wean the amount by a half point.  If not, he holds steady until his score lowers.  He was exhibiting some symptoms today but I don’t know if there were enough to prevent tomorrow’s wean to 0.5.  Regardless, we are only 2 steps from him being completely off the medicine.

All of his bandages have now been removed and his wounds are healing beautifully.  I suspect that his surgical scar will be a very faint line by the time he is an adult.  It is more likely that the chest tube insertion point and central line insertion point will be the more prominent scars and they are small.

I got to give him a bath for the first time last night which was a small glimpse of “normal”.  Macy got to help too which she was super excited about.  Wyatt is such a sweet little snuggler.  He loves to be held and cuddled which of course makes my mommy heart very happy.  I can’t wait to have him home so I can hold him anytime I want to.   Being at the mercy of the NICU’s locked doorway has been extremely difficult.  These babies are locked up tighter than Fort Knox and even the parents have limited visitation privileges.   There are times when I’m convinced they are holding my child hostage…

We are inching ever so slowly toward the “unmentionable event” we’ve been waiting for.  His doctor said not to say it as things go haywire if you do.  So let’s just say we hope there is a whopper of a celebration in our VERY near future.  Until then…stay tuned.


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