August 11th Update #2

First of all, I apologize for my less than graceful post this morning.  I had reached a point of exhaustion, frustration, and the mama bear instinct was in full force.  The medical staff at the hospital saved our boy and for that I am eternally grateful.  They have certainly had shortcomings and the hospital policy is a nightmare but someday soon those will be distant memories.  In the meantime, I am going to choose to take the road less traveled and work on extending grace and patience whether or not they are deserved.  They have been given to me so the least I can do is extend them to others.  I’m reading a book by Phillip Yancey right now called “What’s So Amazing About Grace?”.  Guess what – the reason it is so amazing is you don’t have to earn it or deserve it…it’s just freely given.  Great book…check it out if you are looking for a good read or you are having a melt down moment like I was this morning.  Now on with news about my sweet boy…

Wyatt had a good day with only one small glitch.  At around 5pm he had a very bad session of wheezing that required respiratory care to give him a breathing treatment.  So he may very well have to deal with asthma issues at least for awhile.  Not surprising with what his lungs have been through.  After not eating for the nurses through the night he had three solid feedings with me.  The nurse practitioner said that it is entirely possible that he may only eat for me.  I jokingly said…”Do you need me to live here then?” To which she replied: “Actually, it may come to that if you want to take him home.”  So we will see how the nurses do with the feedings through the night tonight and go from there.  Me being on site to feed him every three hours would be extremely challenging and exhausting since there is literally no place for me to sleep in between.  I also got the sweet gift of nursing him for the first time today.  Such a sweet time of snuggling and there were no issues at all.  If only they could measure his food intake that way I think we would be home free.    His pain meds were lowered again today and at the slow reduction pace we haven’t seen many signs of withdrawal in the past few days.  It will be so nice to have that issue off the table by this weekend.


One thought on “August 11th Update #2

  1. So wonderful to hear that you were able to nurse today! If it comes to the point of you’re having to stay through the night, under the circumstances surely they could find a cot and a nook to put it in. If Wyatt’s best interests are served, havimg a rested mommy (it would be a stretch that you would be well-rested) would be part of Wyatt’s care. Perhaps your doc/nurse practitioner/social worker could go to bat for you? We’re praying. 🙂

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