August 11th Update

Wyatt is holding steady right now.  They have begun to introduce food or rather force feed him at this point.  After 20 days with nothing in his stomach the medical experts (I use that term loosely.) decided he needed to be at normal intake for a baby his size in 3 days.  Needless to say, he couldn’t keep up.   Babies with this type of hernia/surgical repair frequently suffer from reflux.  So of course it was aggravated when they tried to shove huge quantities of food in him quickly. They have now decided to revert to a base line intake and progress slowly which is what I wanted from the beginning.  I’m thinking the professionals need to go 20 days without food and then have someone force feed them a five course meal – I’m betting most of them would throw up too…

They continue to wean his pain medication daily and at this rate he should be completely free by Saturday.  So that is a big accomplishment.  It means he is more awake and alert.  Plus it’s another set of equipment we get to remove from our sweet boy.

We are so very grateful for all of the prayers, love, support, kind words, visits, gifts, and food that have been given to us over the past weeks.  I can’t imagine what this life storm would have looked like without each and every one of you.  Thank you just doesn’t seem quite big enough to cover everything. Love!


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