August 5th Update

What a great day!  Wyatt was taken off the ventilator today and he is breathing on his own for the first time. He was so peaceful and happy once they took the tube out.  He still has one tiny tube in his throat that they use to suction goo out so he doesn’t have to cough it up on his own.   It will probably stay a few more days.  Once that is gone they will start to introduce food.  If he has a calm night tonight they will take out the arterial line running into his belly button tomorrow.  Assuming he stays calm and does well once that is removed we should be able to hold him and maybe even give him his first bath.  Boy does he need one!  The poor thing is covered in all kinds of goo and stickiness from the bandages, tape and other medical things that have been attached to him over the past two weeks.  We were well fed thanks to the Wells family, the Magley family, and the Little family today.  Yum! We also had visits from Wanda Bertram (so sorry we missed you) and Ryan Vicini.  As a side note for anyone thinking about popping in we are almost always in the NICU with Wyatt unless it is a shift change (7-8a, 3-4p, 7-8p).  Those times are your best bet at catching us outside of the unit for a visit.  We also have little to no cell service in the NICU so if you text or call and don’t get a quick response it is probably safe to assume we haven’t received the message.  They tend to come through when we enter the hallway outside of the unit during the times mentioned above.


2 thoughts on “August 5th Update

  1. We are rejoicing with you that Wyatt is getting untethered. I’ll bet a Wyatt wail will be music to your ears! Continuing to cover you in prayer…and especially you, Dawn. You certainly haven’t had any time for your own recuperation.

  2. We are so glad to hear about Wyatt doing much better! He sure has come a long way to where he started at the beginning, and we are so happy for the little fellow. We hope he continues so he can go home to be with his family.

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