August 5th Update

No big news today.  Wyatt had a pretty uneventful day.  He is very frustrated by the ventilator tube in his throat.  We were hoping they would remove it today but they decided to give him another day or two.  He is breathing room air now so the ventilator is only in place to help his lungs expand to capacity as they are weak from all that has happened.  They tell us he is very close to not needing it any longer.  They are continuing to lower his pain medications so he is awake for longer periods of time and is becoming more alert.  Unfortunately that just adds to his irritation with the tube.  His MRI was done last night and we are STILL waiting for someone to provide us with information.  The hospital operates on a “assume no news is good news philosophy” which is extremely frustrating.  We have requested a meeting with the Dr. tomorrow as I greatly prefer to have data, facts, and plans.  We will of course pass along the information as soon as we are able pry it from the cone of silence that seems to surround the medical personnel caring for Wyatt.   Thanks to the Magleys, Sue, Mary Kay, and Misty for stopping in to see us today.  It helps to break up the day and seeing a friendly face is always helpful.  Oh yeah – and thanks Mette for the yummy food.  It was a great break from the hospital food. We ate our fill and shared with others. 🙂 Love to all!


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