August 3rd Update

Wyatt had a really rocky night last night.  Due to some unfortunate choices made by the hospital staff he ended up over stimulated.  So I spent a large portion of the night at his bedside.  Which is why there was no blog update.  Clarity of thought at 4:30 am just wasn’t happening.  Today has been MUCH better.  They removed his chest tube and his xrays looked great after several hours.  They also moved him from the “quiet” room in the NICU to one of the main nursery rooms as he was stable enough to tolerate the commotion.  They will be doing an MRI at some point this evening to look for seizure activity.  If he does well during the MRI it looks very likely that they will take him off of the ventilator late tonight or sometime tomorrow.  He has begun to show withdrawal symptoms as they continue to lower the sedation medication.  It’s really tough to watch when his little body is shaking uncontrollably but it’s another step closer to taking him home.


One thought on “August 3rd Update

  1. Glad to hear progress is being made. Can’t wait to meet the little guy! I really hope he’s stable and home when I come to Lex in a few weeks. Love you guys!

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