August 1st Evening Update

After last night’s glitch Wyatt had a peaceful day.  His lungs have re-inflated and are producing good bilateral sounds.  He also has good sounds in his tummy that indicate things are starting to work there as well.  They have lowered the vent settings back down but have left his oxygen levels alone so that his lungs can rest through the night.  They lowered his sedation medication again at 8pm.  He spent a good deal of the time we were with him today awake and alert.  So we got a good look at his eyes and he got to see us.  He will follow our voices when we talk to him.  He had two bouts of nasty hiccups which look extremely uncomfortable given his surgical incision.  Just before leaving I got to clean his face, change his diaper and hold him off the bed for his evening weight check.  It was only three inches off the bed but he was still in my hands!!!   Macy got to read to him and spent time holding his hand and even wiped  some spit off his face.  Such a great big sister!  During one of our hour-long times outside of the NICU we also had some visitors.  It was nice to see some familiar faces and it helped to break up the day a little.  So, thanks to those who came and just hung out for a little while.


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