August 1st Update

So sorry for the missed blog yesterday. The need to sleep won out over the ability to think and type. Wyatt had a good day yesterday. He was stable and they were reducing his sedation medication. Exciting because it is movement toward recovery, frightening because it puts us back in the zone where the seizure activity happened. So far he is tolerating it well. Macy got to spend some time with him reading good night moon and she got to touch him for the first time. She was so sweet and gentle – beautiful to watch. We were also given the gift of being at the bedside when he opened his eyes for the first time. Which brings me to last night which wasn’t so great. His chest tube got a kink in it and the fluid that should have been draining backed into his chest. They realized something was wrong when his carbon dioxide level began to climb. The kink was discovered, removed, and the fluid is now draining. Unfortunately the fluid had already collapsed the right lung. They have adjusted his ventilator settings and are working to get it back to a functioning level. So as we head into today we are back to a holding pattern on everything until his lung is re-inflated and working again.


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