Surgery Update

Wyatt is OUT OF SURGERY!!!! They said he did perfectly. The hernia was smaller than anticipated. They were able to repair it with sutures rather than placing a patch. The next 24-48 hours will be critical and then he should start the climb to recovery. The next milestone will be removing the ventilator and getting him started on food. The goal would be for that to happen by the first of next week. Thank you for all your prayers Keith and I have had a truly peaceful morning so I know you were holding up our arms.


3 thoughts on “Surgery Update

  1. I am so glad things went so well today! You all are in my prayers, if there is anything I can do to help please let me know. So many people at work are thinking about you all and are thankful for your updates. God bless Wyatt and his family.

  2. We are so glad that things are looking better for little Wyatt. We pray that he will continue healing. Prayers have got our new little grand daughter where she is, which she is doing better now but she is still so small. We will continue to pray for Wyatt and please remember our little one in your prayers also.

    Gladys & Paul

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