July 28th Update 2

Wyatt has done beautifully today. They did a spinal tap which is very invasive and he sailed through. They have done an ultrasound on his head and eliminated a potential bleed or abnormal development as causes of the seizures. So nothing else can be done other than control them until after his surgery. Today’s xray shows that hisa right lung is recovering on its own and that as his lungs expand they are actually pushing the intestines back down where they belong. SO if they can keep him seizure free he is scheduled to be the first surgery tomorrow morning @ 730am. Thank you all for each and every prayer you have spoken. You have no idea how much courage you are giving us!!!


5 thoughts on “July 28th Update 2

  1. We are rejoicing with you at how well Wyatt is doing. Covering you in prayer for a seizure-free night for Wyatt and a good night’s rest for you and Keith.

  2. Thinking good thoughts for you all. I wish I could think of something far less trite to say, but it’s from the heart.

  3. We hope Wyatt will continue to do well and hope the surgery will be successful. We pray that Gods hands will be working with doctors hands. We will keep him in our prayers.

  4. We hope Wyatt will continue to do well so the surgery can be done. We also pray for a successful surgery. We pray for Gods hands to guide the doctors hands. We will keep
    Wyatt in our prayers.

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