July 27th Update

Ok – Crazy day! Wyatt did NOT have surgery today due to schedule issues with the OR. He is on the surgery schedule for 1:15 tomorrow. In the mean time a lot of other things happened. His right lung is struggling because of the amount of time he has had to lay flat on his back. So they have him positioned on his left side to help his right lung not have fluid build up. He is also having seizures. They are being controlled with medication currently. That condition is unrelated to the primary problem so it won’t be addressed until he is stable post surgery. The surgery is lengthy and we will be with Wyatt in recovery tomorrow. Our cell service is terrible and we have no access to the blog. So we are asking that you all understand that you may not see an update tomorrow. Please know that we love you and we love that you care about our boy. We just need to be focused on him tomorrow. I promise we will pass along information as soon as we feel it is ok to leave his side.


2 thoughts on “July 27th Update

  1. Okay more questions…

    What do they think is the cause of the seizures? Seems like I remember something from a text or something that it might be in response to some of the meds he’s on? Are they small, short ones or something bigger and scarier? Seizures certainly sound scary no matter what!

    I wish I could be there to give you guys more hands on support, but I know that you’ve probably got a village around you now. I also know that Wyatt couldn’t have better parents for the job! Make sure you’re taking care of yourselves too.

  2. Well…the things that have been eliminated as causes are: type of sedation medication, quantity of sedation medication, herpes encephalitis (side effect of the Ramsey Hunt Syndrome), a brain bleed, and malformation of the brain. Which means – it is either a secondary result of everything else going on and it will resolve itself OR he may have some sort of seizure disorder such as epilepsy. They will do an MRI once he is stabilized following surgery to try and narrow down the field. Right now that is far less significant than the hernia and cardio pulmonary issues. We just need them to be under control until the repairs are finished. Then we can start solving that puzzle. They are currently one sided (left) and they last about a minute with constant twitching of his hand and foot. During the stronger ones he will arch his back and his little eyes roll back. Fortunately that has only happened twice. The rest have been minor in comparison.

    We have been so very blessed by the people who have stepped in and taken care of Macy and just offered unrelenting support. It has freed us up to focus on Wyatt rather than the day to day things. The NICU nurses have been incredible and with a few small exceptions the doctors and surgeons have been great too. We had a bumpy start but once I strongly expressed my need for constant quality communication it has been great. They have realized that I have enough medical background to hold an intelligent conversation, that I don’t need to be coddled, and that I’m not going to completely freak out with every little hiccup along the way.

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