July 26th Update

We met with the pediatric surgeon today.  He said that Wyatt has done beautifully and they are ready to proceed with the repair of his diaphragm.  We have been asked to be at UK Hospital tomorrow at 11:00 am.  He will be an “add on” case to the OR log so hopefully they will get him into surgery early in the afternoon.  However, if an emergency case comes in he could be bumped to Wednesday.  So we will spend the afternoon hanging out with Wyatt and waiting for the call to come.  Earlier this afternoon they tried to place a long term IV line so that the lines in his belly button could be removed.  Typically they don’t like to use those longer than 10 days.  They weren’t able to get the line placed and Wyatt became very agitated.  However, his stats held steady even while he was upset which is a very good sign.  The doctor said if the repair went well tomorrow they might just skip over placing the permanent line and go with a traditional IV as the lines wouldn’t be needed for an extended period of time.  The surgery itself will take anywhere from 1 hour to 2.5 hours depending on how extensive the repair needs to be.   They won’t know until they actually get a good look at the diaphragm.  We promise to keep everyone posted as soon as we know anything more about the surgery or his results.


5 thoughts on “July 26th Update

  1. Wow! You made a strong little boy, to be ready so much sooner than the doctors expected. I will be thinking of you today and watching for updates.
    The offer for Macy still stands, just let me know when.

  2. So, do they have an idea what damage, if any, there’s been to his lungs? Sounds like he was more than ready to be breathing without assistance! Are his lungs completely developed? I know you said it was something that developed late in the pregnancy.

  3. The left lung is underdeveloped and the artery leading to it was compromised but recovering. They won’t know the extent or location of the tear in the diaphragm until they open him up today. The surgeon suspects that given the late development and his excellent progress that the tear may be on the smaller side and possibly in the center of the the diaphragm. That means they will have plenty of muscle tissue around the rim to use for the repair. Ideally they will be able to use sutures to pull the torn edge to the nearest muscle ridge and that will be all that is necessary. If the tear is located more to one side or the other the muscle will be thin and they could potentially need a patch and anchoring it in becomes more difficult. That is about all I know about it for now. Keep asking questions though! They are super helpful when my brain is trying to sort through information and ask for the next amount of data.

  4. We are praying for him and everyone else, too! If everything goes well, Makaela and I may come up this weekend. Even if we can’t see Wyatt, we would like to take Macy to Build-a Bear and the girls can make him his first build a bear. I think that would make them feel like they did something special for him. He is beautiful!! Talk to you soon! Love you all! Crystal

  5. wow…Wyatt sure is a strong little fellow. God is with him. Miracles happens every second, minute and an hour! Prayers sent and love as well !! ❤

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