July 25th Update

What a great day.  We got the gift of touching Wyatt today.  We were told that it would be soothing to him if we gently laid a hand on his head or a finger in his palm.  I gave it a try and he wrapped his little fingers around mine – it was so sweet!  He has continued to improve and they have lowered his oxygen to 68%.  He will reach the goal of 60% by noon tomorrow if there are no hold-ups.  We haven’t yet spoken with the pediatric surgery team but the nurse tells us that they are looking at doing the hernia repair this week.  That is far quicker than they had initially anticipated being able to do the surgery.  We have been told that he is doing well enough that they would have taken him off the ventilator if he was not headed into surgery.  His weight is now at a whopping 10lb 3oz. Although, some of that gain may be from fluid retention as he is on a constant IV drip.


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