July 30th Update

Wyatt is doing well.He is still very heavily sedated to give the repair time to heal. They are slowly reducing his oxygen level as his lungs begin to work. They removed the IV in his head and the one in his belly button. They have also begun giving him nutrients through an IV line which … More July 30th Update

Surgery Update

Wyatt is OUT OF SURGERY!!!! They said he did perfectly. The hernia was smaller than anticipated. They were able to repair it with sutures rather than placing a patch. The next 24-48 hours will be critical and then he should start the climb to recovery. The next milestone will be removing the ventilator and getting … More Surgery Update

Surgery Update

We just had an update from the OR.They have finished placing the central line IV that will stay in for the duration of his time here. It allows them to quit sticking him constantly. They are now doing the actual hernia repair and they said he is doing beautifully. They are estimating another hour to … More Surgery Update

Surgery Day!!!

Wyatt had a perfect night. His surgery was delayed slightly by and emergency appendectomy case. However he is now officially in the OR. The repair should take 2-3 hours. We will be able to join him in recovery approximately 20 minutes after they are finished. We will keep you posted as the reports come in … More Surgery Day!!!

July 28th Update 2

Wyatt has done beautifully today. They did a spinal tap which is very invasive and he sailed through. They have done an ultrasound on his head and eliminated a potential bleed or abnormal development as causes of the seizures. So nothing else can be done other than control them until after his surgery. Today’s xray … More July 28th Update 2

July 28th Update

Wyatt had a seizure at 130 this morning so they have postponed his surgery. They would like him to be 24 hours seizure free before they operate. He is otherwise very stable so we are hoping that they can get it under control with medication. We will try again tomorrow. They have tested him for … More July 28th Update

July 27th Update

Ok – Crazy day! Wyatt did NOT have surgery today due to schedule issues with the OR. He is on the surgery schedule for 1:15 tomorrow. In the mean time a lot of other things happened. His right lung is struggling because of the amount of time he has had to lay flat on his … More July 27th Update